Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 3 May 2010

Monday 3rd May 2010.....

Thank you to everyone who has made this weekend a great weekend of fundraising. Right the way from Lesley and Paul, all their staff and all their locals at the Border Terrier, Derek and Sandra who really worked hard over the Sunday and Monday (despite Derek's ankle now being in a cast!) to raise a staggering amount of money and awareness, and to Carol who spent a day fundraising at Bill Quay fair coming straight off night shift! Thank you to Nicola and Charlotte for helping her for a few hours this afternoon, and for Trevor for making it all possible.

In all, the weekend made around £800, a truly fantastic amount, and I speak on behalf of everyone connected with SHAK (both two legged and four legged) when I say thank you to all our supporters who made this possible. without the people I have mentioned above, and you we couldn't do what we do. So a big round of applause for you all, and THANK YOU.

Whilst everyone was having fun today, I was in my element..... with the dogs. Having had the weekend off for my daughter's birthday (thanks Gregg!) I was pleased to see the gang. Interestingly, Faith was a little off with me this morning. Not aggressive, just back to not wanting to come out. However, she came eventually, and on our afternoon walk we shared a very special moment. I sat down like on the photos from Friday, she circled me, then cuddled up and gave me a kiss.

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