Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Baths And New Friends.....

It has been a busy couple of days for Wilf the Lurcher with the horrendous skin condition that arrived at my door as a stray last Tuesday. First up, he completed his 7 days as a stray and is now officially a SHAK dog. I wasn't surprised his owner didn't come forward, but it just amazes me that anyone could allow him to get into this state, you can only imagine what themselves and their house is like.

Wilf came home with me last night, as today was a very busy day for him. As I write this he is flat out in his bed after a walk in the woods rounded off a hectic day.

First stop was Moorview vets as we stepped up his recovery. Thank you to Jonathon for taking so long with him this morning, and for taking the skin scrapes that showed further mites on him. Wilf is on another course of antibiotics for the skin infection that is still irritating him, and we have also started a course of bathing with medicated shampoo.

That brings us very nicely onto Wilf's next destination, Bella's Dog Grooming Parlor in Forest Hall. Thanks to Lucy and the girls for bathing him and making Wilf all fluffy, but for also donating him his wonderful new coat to keep him warm.

A busy day indeed, a lot of progress made, and perhaps just as important, a lot of new friends for Wilf to help make him realise not all humans are scum like the ones he has had the misfortune of knowing so far.