Change Lives

Change Lives

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Whirlwind Week.....

It has been another whirlwind week where time just seems to fly without you even noticing it. There has again been progress, and also a little disappointment.

Please ignore the scruffy man on the left of the photograph above of Chance, I've posted it to illustrate the severe lack of muscle tone on his back legs. I think from this you can see how difficult getting up and down has been for him. On Tuesday Chance decided it was time to come out and face the world all by himself. You can imagine the shock I got when I opened the door to his kennel and he simply pulled himself up and wondered (granted a little bit wobbly and stiff) out into The Rescue Place to sniff around. There was so many plus's in this, him wanting to come out, him being able to come out, but the one that struck me was he started sniffing where all the other dogs had been. He was interested in something for the first time since he came into our care. The rest of the week saw him come out even more, and that lead to him discovering a little bit of an appetite which in turn appears to of corrected the regularity of his toilets, which again will be making him feel better in himself. There is a long road ahead of him, but this week Chance took his first step onto it.

It has also been an eventful week for Brodie the Spaniel, as yesterday he enjoyed a day out with the Police. He was being assessed to see if he could make a sniffer dog, and that included a full day running around empty buildings searching for a ball. I'm sure he was in his element. Unfortunately despite putting in a superb performance, it was decided that when he searches Brodie uses his eyes rather than his nose too much, and the Police decided against taking him. Not to worry Brodie, we're all really proud of you, and in the words of Andrew "You can be SHAK's own little Police dog."

Finally, above is a photo of Till (formerly Boris) enjoying his first Christmas in his Forever Foster home. He looks very well, and look at shiny his coat is and perhaps more amazingly how bushy his tail is considering he was an addicted tail chaser before he came to us.