Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Be Warned You Do See This Poor Boy Die.....

Tonight our thoughts are with very good friends of SHAK Liesa and Niall (who brought us Kane, Butch, Gunnar and Nina)after having to go through the above video. Please be warned you do see the dog die, but then that is the life we live.

Here is perhaps the most sensible words I've ever heard written by Liesa, its a shame it is on a day another dog loses its life:

"Did anyone ever love this boy, or was he just another Throw away Dog?
Found starving & fitting near a shopping center, un-neutered but chipped.
The registered owner said he'd sold him a month ago & didn't know who to...
Not even concerned for his once companion.

His tiny belly full of plastic & foreign bodies unable to pass through, believed to be the cause of his chronic infection, which in tern is believed to be the cause of the non stop fitting.
Sadly this boy did not respond to treatment, he was too far gone & had to be put to sleep.... He died with the love of strangers....
( so sad we couldn't save him)

A stray dog becomes the responsibility of the local council, the local council have a budget made up of tax payers money, & most councils can only pay out for relatively minor veterinary needs for stray dogs... resulting in many sick or injured dogs being put to sleep if an owner cant be traced immediately.... all of this paid for by taxpayers.. this is how it effects you.
Also all the stray dogs that are not claimed by their owners, cost you the taxpayer, whilst the councils pay for 7 days boarding & then either rehome the dog, put the dog to sleep, or give the dog to a rescue to rehome.

This poor dog, could he have been saved would have come over to our over stretched in debt rescue, relying on donations from you!

If the government brought in stronger laws on dog ownership. this would not only save you the taxpayer, but would mean dogs like this one would unlikely end up in this terrible situation.

There are thousands of unwanted dogs in council pounds all over the UK, & there are thousands of dogs put to sleep all over the UK. Not just sick or injured ones, but many many healthy ones, just because there is an over population of dogs due to indiscriminate breeding & our throw away society.

This is what the government could do to stop this heartache & save taxpayers money.

All breeding of dogs should be done by government approved licensed breeders. With the breeders having to pay for their inspections & license fee's.

All dogs not for breeding should be neutered.

All dogs should be covered by a passport/license with all the dogs details & ownership on, at a reasonable cost that a genuine dog lover will be happy to pay out..

All dogs should be I.D. chipped to an owner & if the dog changes hands, it should be up to the owner who sold/gave the dog to update the chip companies details as well as the new owner notifying the chip company.

Any dog that is found & needing medical treatment would then be paid for by the registered owner, & if they said they had sold the dog, they should still have to pay the vet bill for not complying with re-registration of their once owned dog to a new owner.

New laws are needed to stop this suffering & expense & new laws could be funded by license fees & fines for non compliance. This would not only stop so many unwanted dogs roaming the street, but will also help prevent dog attacks. As the registered keeper will be held accountable for their dog at all times.

There should also be fines put in place for dogs out of control in public places & causing a danger to people & other animals, & like with a driving license could work on a points scheme... two many strikes & the dog is removed from you & given into a rescue who can home the dog responsibly....

In my opinion, all dogs deserve a right to life, behavioral problems can be worked on & dogs with guarding tendencies can be kept under control by responsible owners. All rescues are bursting at the seams, because any Tom Dick or Harry can own & breed a dog, can neglect & or abuse that dog & throw it away with out ever having to be held accountable. Just as he can bring a dog up to be aggressive as a status dog, threaten people & their animals with it & chuck it away when he's bored of it without ever being held accountable. Who suffers... not Tom Dick or Harry.... Oh No.. the dog suffers, the taxpayer suffers & the unfortunate victim of a dog attack suffers..

Something needs to change.... & the current laws banning breeds do not work at all & only punish caring dog lovers who have their dog taken from them because of how they look...
Start punishing the irresponsible dog owner who only ever cares about himself......"