Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Thank You's.....

Some thank yous from the last couple of days. Thanks to Joan, Nicola and Carol for giving up their Saturday to fundraise at Pets At Home in Sunderland. Thanks to the generosity of the kind people of Sunderland a superb £156 was raised, as well as some new friends being made.

A massive thank you to the staff and management of the Sunderland branch for allowing us the opportunity to fundraise at their branch, and for a huge food donation to cap off a fantastic day.

A massive thank you to Karen too, for once again bailing me out when we've been short handed at the kennels. At short notice she has given up her day off during the week and the entire weekend to shovel dog muck, and enabled me and Gregg to continue some work with the dogs. A real unsung hero, thanks Karen.