Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hello To Canada & More.....

Everyday I have to take a second to reflect on how far all this has come since that sad and life changing day when I lost my Shak. What was supposed to just be me giving up several hours per week to help the dogs in the pounds, has now taken over my life and become the SHAK sanctuary you all know and hopefully support.

Today that was brought home to me again, as I came home to find a donation from a Canadian who I was lucky enough to meet on a recent visit to stay with our very own Till and his family. Stephen's donation was joined by one from his Mam, proving I guess that SHAK is now definitely global!

Thanks so much to Stephen and his Mam, the SHAK team really appreciate both your kind words and kind donation.

I'd also like to say thank you and welcome to a few new members of the SHAK team, who have already made a big difference and some new furry friends. Its amazing how quickly these dogs win your heart, just ask Andrea's Mam who has been drafted in to do the dishes. So thank you to Lynne, Jan and Mike for giving up valuable days off to get dirty and have fun with the wonderful pooches we have.

As you can see Wilf and Ameri have also spent a little time bonding on his temporary foster. The picture above is how these two spend a Sunday afternoon. Please remember Wilf is still looking for a "Forever Foster" home. Thanks Ameri for all the work you're putting in on this handsome boy.