Change Lives

Change Lives

Friday, 22 April 2011

Important Message From Gumtree.....

From Gumtree:

If you are unfortunate enough to be in a position where you have to sell or give your dog away please consider the owner enquiring about your pooch.

Some people around Guildford are taking on free or very cheap family dogs and using them in the brutal illegal sport, dog fighting. These dogs are caged and forced to fight other dogs that are trained to kill for money. As you can imagine it is a devastating end to a once loved part of the family. Dogs that will not fight are tied up and used as 'bait dogs' to be the punch bag for fighting dogs in training.

A lady who gave her Golden retriever away to a supposedly loving home, got a call only 2 weeks later from the RSPCA that had found her dead dog in a dog fighting establishment, tied up and its mussel duck taped after it had been mauled to death by other dogs. The microchip was still holding her previous owners address.

This is happening all the time, Dogs area also being stolen from homes and gardens and used to support this horrible sport. Please be aware and make sure you sell your beloved dog for a price only an animal lover would spend on it. After’s best friend should be priceless. Anybody enquiring about your dog in any situation should be quizzed and anybody suspicious should be reported to the police. Good luck.