Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Wonder That Is Hugo.....

I think everyone who has met Hugo will understand how amazing this photograph is. There's one thing missing.....his muzzle. Hugo isn't aggressive, he simply has an unhealthy obsession with biting the lead that makes handling a 45kg dog very difficult. 

Unfortunately Hugo has been in the wars lately and needed a Cruciate Ligament operation, however in a funny kind of way that has been a big benefit to him as he has had to get used to going to the vets and in and out of my van on quite a regular basis. This in turn has lead to me doing a lot of work re the lead and that muzzle!

Last week after a check up, Hugo came and spent the night with us. It was so great to see him relaxed, and from the moment he left the kennels to go to the vets, to the moment I put him back the following day, the muzzle was never out of my pocket, even during the vet examination.

I love this huge guy, and one day would love to see him settled in a home, but in the meantime he has proved that he can do it, so we have to keep giving him a helping hand.