Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Three Amazing Girls.....

Flossie, Hope and Penny.
I love this photo of Sheena and Roger's three SHAK Foster dogs..... Flossie, Hope and Penny. All three had/have serious issues going on in their lives but all are loved and give so much love back.

I don't have any photographs of Flossie on her arrival, she was too busy trying to bite me! But below is a little reminder of how Hope and Penny came to us.....

Just shows what amazing animals these girls are that they were able to trust again, but also what amazing people Sheena and Roger are. Thank you so much.

If you would like to help dogs like Flossie, Hope and Penny, and believe you have the special qualities needed to offer a home to a dog that has been so badly abused I'd love to hear from you..... email