Change Lives

Change Lives

Friday, 15 May 2015

A Year On He's Still In Our Thoughts.....

Today has been so flat after last nights sad events, and even more so as Max was never far away from my thought, a year on since we lost him.....

Today is a really sad day, as we found Max had slipped away from us in his sleep. Max was SHAK's longest serving resident, and he's a dog we are all going to miss terribly.

Max was living rough in a park when was caught by dog wardens, and travelled to us with his first love Lola. Chronic arthritis never stopped him loving life, and once Lola moved into her new home, he found love in the form of Star. A lot of the progress Star has made since is down to those initial days with Max.

Max was ill a few weeks ago, and I rushed him down to the vets. Blood tests couldn't account for his "spaced out" behaviour, and it was suspected that there could be something neurological or a brain tumour at work. The cost of an MRI scan was beyond us, and to be honest knowing wouldn't assist us in anyway in saving him.

This morning he'd slept away when Melissa and David arrived. The vet confirmed he looked at peace, in this we have to take comfort.

I will never forget Max, he was everything I think a dog should be..... confident in who he was, content and a shaggy old black and tan Crossbreed. Just like the dogs I remember seeing on the streets growing up as a kid. Over the years he has done us all proud, and while I often used to wonder what would of come of him if he'd been left where he was doing so very well for himself in that park, I know he would never of witnessed the love he had from Lola, Star or all of us.

Goodnight old fella.

Lola and Max.
Max and Star.

Wise Old Max.