Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

More Bad News For Kia.....

I really can't believe that I'm writing this, but it really has been a tough time for Kia. As I posted when I launched her "Change Lives" appeal last week, she was all set for surgery on Tuesday morning. I picked her up from the kennels in plenty of time and let her have a little shuffle on three legs to go to the toilet before she set off on her journey to a new start. She was really happy to be out, and having a sniff, then she pulled to sniff somewhere again, and it happened..... her other cruciate snapped! Unbelievable, such a gorgeous girl. She was clearly distressed and in pain, unable to put any pressure on either back leg. Moorview Vets were brilliant again, and rushed her in immediately for x-rays.

Weighing just under 35kgs, Kia is too big a dog to repair both legs at once, the decision has been made to repair one and then in about 6-8 weeks go through the hole process again.

I have spoken to the vets today, and she is doing well after her first operation, but they want to keep her in for a couple of days to encourage her to weight bare on the repaired leg.

Kia is a brave girl, and will get all the support she needs from us, the vets and her temporary foster Mum Anne (thank you!). But she also needs your help.....

Obviously two operations means two vets bills to pay. We really do need your help with these, and would like to thank everyone who has donated on her fundraising page already. You can donate towards Kia's operations and recovery here:

Every pound is needed, and every pound is greatly appreciated!

Kia deserves so much more from life and is having such a terrible time.... we are doing all we can to help her put it right.