Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 14 May 2015

In Shock As We Lose Our Hero.....

Life can be so cruel at times, and have such a nasty sting in its tail. These photo's taken this morning were meant to show the progress that had been made by Kye, instead I have just got back from the vets after having to say goodbye for the last time.

When I was doing my checks just before we left tonight I noticed Kye hadn't made it into his bed and was lying on the floor. Not like him at all, and when I did get closer I noticed his breathing was very laboured, he was in serious trouble.

After rushing him to the vets my first suspicions and worst fears were confirmed. A scan and then X Rays showed Kye was suffering from a bloat before a probable stomach torsion (twisted stomach) and needed treatment straight away.

The rest is all really very much a blur as a team of vets and nurses tried to pump his stomach to get rid of the gas and food that was causing the bloat. Then just as we were staring surgery right down the nose we lost him.....

Kye suffered a cardiac arrest, and despite the best attempts from the vets his heart didn't respond. His heart beat had been irregular throughout, and it is suspected that he may of had some other underlying heart problem going on. Either way we have lost a truly amazing boy.

Kye was a dog that I am so proud we were able to help. A dog that taught us so much and provided hope even when he had nothing. To the outside world he showed what can be achieved when a dog is given a chance, and in response to a previous post on here, I'd even started to wipe his eyes.

I think we are all gobsmacked he has gone, given he was so full of life just hours before when these photographs were taken, but I'm so pleased that they show you the dog he had become, or perhaps he always was, and provided a nice closure to his story..... (watch his video below to see his arrival.)

On a personal note I'd like to thank Melissa, David and Rich for having faith in me and Kye and believing he was worth all the work. The relationship they all had with him proved that to be more than the case. I'd also like to thank Darren, Alison, Kat and the nurses at Moorview who put aside Kye's history and battled to save his life like they would any dog. And a special mention to Paul who stood by me throughout the whole ordeal, he made the nigh on impossible, possible.

Another chapter in  the history of the work this charity does closes, so much more learnt from experience, and a best friend gone forever.