Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

We're Only Three Days In.....

In my last post I did say that I felt in 2017 that we would need you more than ever. Today is the 3rd of January and already today we have two new arrivals and a dog that was due to be destroyed at a vets this afternoon is hopefully still alive and due to come to us later this week. Can you see why we need your support so much?

I think the most disturbing side of all this is the way these dogs have found their way to us. I mentioned also in the last post, a dog that had been tied to the gates of a church on Christmas day, yes that's right a church on Christmas day, today he came to us as no owner had come forward.  He is such a playful, energetic dog. There is no way he deserved to spend his Christmas abandoned and then in kennels. I also said that it is the kind of story line that Disney would write if they were doing a story about a stray dog. I can't get that thought out of my head, except it's for real.....

This handsome boy was tied to a church gate on Christmas day. 

Then we also have little Dolly who was left in a garden along with another dog. They fought as you'd expect for two dogs left to fend for themselves, so she has been to the vets and now has to start her life all over. Microchip details tell us she is only two.....

Little Dolly, abandoned at Christmas. 

So already three days into the year we are under immense pressure, but what else can we do. We refuse to give up on them.  Already Christmas seems such a long time ago.

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