Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 23 January 2017

Please Be Patient.....

I've been inundated with emails of late, many from people kindly looking to join our team. However we also in the process of huge renovations to our kennels, so I'm afraid organising all the building work means I haven't been able to respond to very many. I'm asking for people to be patient and I will get the relevant application forms sent out.

In all of this of course the dogs are at the forefront, making the whole project even more demanding.  It's not even just our dogs, as unfortunately the world of cruelty doesn't seen to stop because we're having building work done. The last few days has seen me embark on perhaps the biggest rescue mission of one poor soul that we've ever launched.....

There will be more on that in good time. However I'll leave you with a little update photo of Bren and Axel today..... true buddies.