Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Brave Brave Girl.....

It hasn't all been good news though, and I'd like you to remember a couple of dogs in your prayers this evening.

Writing this is just breaking my heart, as we all prepare to possibly say goodbye to the bravest SHAK girl ever.

Harlie suffers from a condition called Masticatory Muscle Myositis, which  is an inflammatory disease in dogs affecting the muscles of mastication (chewing). I'm sure you have all followed her story over the 4 years she has been in our care. During that time she has been on medication, and has enjoyed a normal happy life, and definitely is the main lady at SHAK. However, over the last couple of days her condition has worsened to the state where her jaws appeared seized.

Having spoke to the vet at great lengths, we have decided to put Harlie onto a very large dose of steroids to see if the problem is active muscle inflammation or whether quite simply all her muscles have been replaced by scar tissue. If it is a case of the latter, I'm afraid we will have to let this beautiful, brave girl move onto a happier and healthier place.

Harlie has been a massive part of my life for over four years. I can't even start to imagine life without her. Please prayer that we have a positive result over the next couple of days. It is heartbreaking to watch, but we will all remain strong and do whatever is best for Harlie. I love you big girl.