Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Miko, A True Inspiration.....

I'm so proud of this next story, that to be honest right now it gives me the fuel to keep going. Below is the photo I was sent of Miko in June 2009. He'd given up on life and was in a pound ready to die.

It has taken hours and hours of work, in fact years for him to find a home for himself, but he has finally found one in my new kennels in my stables. As you can see the dog that was once so stressed has new friends and is enjoying country life. The SHAK team have given over three years of their lives to give him this, and he is loving every minute.
Miko left, SHAK's own Lennox and my Oskar.

Miko far left, SHAK dogs Lennox (centre), Sky, Willow and Dusty.

Lennox, Miko, Oskar.