Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 1 October 2012

Good News For Finn.....

After what seems like forever, I'm pleased to say that we have Finn's test results back, and they are better than everyone expected. It means that he doesn't need immediate medication and that we can concentrate now on finding him a "Forever Foster" home. As you can see from the photo's below he is very well settled at Anna's and she has compiled the following update on his progress:

"I have been fostering Finn for 4 weeks now and I can confirm that he is a lovely boy. He is fully house and crate trained and walks beautifully on the lead. He is very friendly and just loves people. He is a bit wary of loud men but not aggressive. He is great with children he has met but will try to steal food from them but then which dog wouldn’t?! He will follow you everywhere which for some may be a bit annoying but I am sure many will love to have a dog that is so social and so loving. He just loves cuddles and human attention. He does not need a lot of exercise and tires quite quickly.

He is usually friendly with dogs but I have noticed he gets very excited when small and fluffy dogs run around him in the park. This is probably due to the fact that he was a working dog and is obviously a lurcher. However, he is fine with larger dogs and small dogs (with short coat).

Finn is currently left alone for up to 6 hours 5 days a week but he has my dog for company. He stays nicely in a crate and waits for me to come home. If he was to live as the only dog I think he should not be left alone for that long as he truly is a social dog. Finn has lovely markings and his coat is clean, soft and fluffy. He is playful and has his mad 5min in the
garden which is so hilarious to watch. I have let him off the lead in an enclosed area but he cannot really run fast anymore so he prefers to eat grass and wrestle with my dog. He knows basic commands and is very responsive and obedient.

I know Finn will make a great and devoted companion and will show you how much he loves you every minute of the day. If anyone is interested in Finn please do not hesitate to contact Shak. We can arrange for you to meet Finn and I will be able to answer any question in relation to his personality, daily routine, diet, likes and dislikes etc."

Anybody interested in Finn, then please contact