Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Doyles BIG Adventure.....

Doyle’s Big Adventure

Doyle is an scrapyard dog who, along with his brother Bodie spent his life in a scrapyard until being abandoned and taken in by SHAK 2.5 years ago.  They are about 11 years old now and will see out their days in SHAK kennels – their equivalent of the Hilton Hotel.

After being bitten by a dog as a child and having allergies, Dale (my other half) is a dodgy looking Accountant who works for the ‘Tax Man’.

Unbelievably, when Dale met Doyle it was love at first sight.  After learning his story and seeing how gentle this giant can be, Dale was smitten.  Today, we took Doyle walking up Simonside with some friends.  This big imposing dog attracted a lot of attention but he behaved so well around people.  The usual ten minute scramble half way through the walk turned into a 30 minute ‘heave Doyle up the cliff’ episode which didn’t impress the furry guy too much, but he enjoyed the freedom of being out on the walk.  He didn’t like having his lead taken off.  He seemed to like the security of having it around his neck, so we just tied it there but let him roam free when people and dogs weren’t around.  Whenever we separated Doyle began herding us again, ensuring we stuck together in our little group. 

We went for coffee in Rothbury afterwards.  Doyle and I sat outside enjoying doggy choc drops and a hot chocolate.  He sat for 45 minutes calmly accepting the attention he attracted and enjoyed 45 minutes of cuddles, scratches, strokes and love!  Even the car journey was a big deal for Doyle.  The last time he was in a vehicle was probably the journey from the scrapyard to SHAK.  Back at the kennels he got brushed, a few more hugs and certainly appeared ready for a good night’s sleep!

He’s an amazing boy and has done what neither me, nor any other person could do; opened Dale’s eyes to how wonderful a dog can be in your life.  Well done Doyle!  I was really proud of you today.