Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 23 March 2015

Gone But Never Ever Forgotten.....

I was away at the weekend, but it didn't mean that I forgot about two great SHAK characters who taught me a lot about the world of rescue. Dogs we have now, and others that are no longer with us have all benefited from the experiences and illness that these two brave soldiers had gone through.....

Saturday marked the 6th anniversary since we lost Roman. A brave, brave boy who taught us all so much. roman gave me the knowledge, strength and confidence to take on dogs such as Dudley, and I think the fact he spent his final days with a family that loved him dearly despite all his illnesses was great motivation to keep going as well as the perfect ending. Here's his old story taken from our old forum when he died:

"Roman came to us on Saturday 27th December 2008 in a shocking state. He was completely emaciated, very weak and very wobbly. His condition was so bad that I had to carry him from the van that had transported him all the way from Sheffield. Despite clearly being neglected beyond belief, he was a very affectionate boy. After two months of love and good food, Roman was very settled within himself, although he was still not gaining weight, however he had certainly found his zest for life. His CDRM appeared to be stabilising, and on the 21st February 2009 probably the best thing that had ever happened to Roman happened….. he went to a foster home!

His new family were wonderful, he had a beautiful German Shepherd girlfriend that he played with for hours, and a Mam and Dad who loved him dearly.

In the month that he was there, Roman showed what a wonderful character he was, and was such a gentlemen with his girlfriend. He adored his dad so much, and just seeing him living a normal life was a miracle when you remembered the dog that was just waiting to fade away when he arrived.

Despite the fact illness got the better of his back end in the end, this is by no way a sad end to a story. In my eyes it is a happy ending. The fact that we were able to help a dog that didn’t want to live anymore, and that he left behind so many people and another dog who loved him so much. It shows what can be achieved if people are prepared to work and put the effort in, and how worthwhile it all can be when you see a dog as happy as Roman was at the end. I always knew he would break our hearts, but in fact he filled them with joy, and gave the whole charity the emphasis to go down the road of helping the dogs that need it the most."
Roman when he arrived.

Roman at home.
Sunday was another special day, as it was 4 years since we had to say goodbye to another special boy that was so brave. Chance had been through double cruciate ligament operation, but his body was riddled with arthritis so badly that the strain from not being able to put weight on his back legs seriously affected the front ones. He had a great time with us, and made some lifelong friends, having been booked into be destroyed we gave him a "chance" and he was worth every minute..... Here's what I wrote the day he died:

"As expected we had to say good bye this morning to a brave brave soldier that has won the hearts of us all. Chance has now moved onto a better place where I am sure he'll be running riot and having fun.

Special thank you to Karen and Mike for giving Chance so much, and they were with him right to the end. Even as he slept away, his tail was wagging, it was as if he knew he'd be without pain soon.

Special thanks to too Andrea and her family for offering him somewhere to go if a miracle happened, and also to Jonathon at Moorview vets for making the morning as dignified as possible. Chance really was such a brave boy, and we can only imagine the pain he must of been going through.

However despite coming to us after biting his owner just three weeks after a double cruciate ligament operation and when a vet was booked to destroy him, it wasn't aggression that cost him his life. We had to let him go purely because his body was breaking up, and that is something that means a lot to us all individually and as a charity.

We were lucky to have shared three months with Chance, he was one special dog. The photos above are of goodbyes this morning. Even in excruciating pain, look how proud he is.

"No one is more proud of you than me big man, enjoy the running. I'll never forget you. X"

Chance catching upon the news!