Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 5 March 2015

I Can't Believe He's Gone.....

A really sad day. I really don't know where I start. I had to rush Hugo to the vets today with what turned out to be a prolapsed disc in his spine. He was clearly struggling to stand, to walk and for the first time ever I heard him cry.

Hugo had recovered well from his cruciate ligament operation last year, but had struggled with MRSP since.  This meant surgery on his spine today was a no go as infection in his spinal column would of been disastrous. 

I had no option but to let him go on vets advice, as he literally deteriorated in front of us.  It all just seems like a bad dream.

When he was recovering from his cruciate operation I promised him I'd take him to the seaside, I'd like to thank Emily at Moorview for allowing me to take him for an hour this afternoon, where I took the photos below. The others were taken before we left the kennels this afternoon.

I collected Hugo as a stray many a year ago, he'd been left abandoned tied to a tree. He was horrific for jumping to bite the lead and a 45kg American Bulldog jumping towards your hands isn't ideal. For that reason alone, not aggression he was muzzled when walked, after years of work the muzzle was dropped, today he was at the beach off lead.....

  We are all  shell  shocked and distraught. It feels as if he has so cruelly been taken away us far too early. In the world we live where his breed gets such bad press, Hugo was simply magnificent. We all now value the time we had with him so preciously, tonight that hour at the beach feels like it's worth more than gold to me. How can he be gone.....

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  1. I'm so sorry to read about Hugo, you must be devastated that he's gone. It's good that you were able to take him to the beach for one last time though, and it will have given you some very precious memories and photos.

    I lost my oldest little dog to kidney failure a week before Christmas. The beach was one of her favourite places though she hadn't been for a while, so when I knew she was nearing the end of her life I took her there for one last time and got some lovely photos of her in the sand. She passed away peacefully the following day, and though I'd known it would happen it still left a big hole in my heart, as I'm sure Hugo has left a big space in yours.