Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 16 March 2015

New Change Lives Monthly Standing Order Appeal.....

SHAK isn’t like any other dog charity, we are different. Different because we help the dogs that really need it the most, dogs like Rio on the front cover. Unlike the majority of dog rescues, SHAK isn’t a rehoming centre, instead we offer sanctuary to abused, mistreated and neglected dogs that have suffered so badly at the hands of humans that they need somewhere to start their lives all over again.

After spending time in our care, some of the souls we save move onto other more specialised rehoming charities, others go through our own Forever Foster scheme. However, some are so badly damaged that the only option they have is to stay with us. Either way there is no pressure on the dog. All of our work is done in their time.....

On average at any kennels you’d expect to pay at least £5 per day to keep a rescue dog safe, that’s £35 per week or £140 per month. We operate with at least 50 dogs in our care at any time..... 50 x £140 = £7,000 per month. You can see why we need your help.....

If you can spare even £5 a month it will keep a dog safe for a day, if everyone helps then we can help even more dogs. Dogs like Rio that had nowhere else to go.

Please complete the Standing Order and send it to your bank. If your a UK tax payer then your kindness can mean even more to us. Email us at and let us know that your generously donating along with your address and we can claim gift aid meaning we can claim 25p for every £1 you donate.