Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 30 March 2015

Postcard From Layla (2!).....

Hello everyone,

I`ve been here 2 weeks today and it`s been a bit of a whirlwind – or perhaps, more correctly, I`ve been a bit of a whirlwind – not quite what they were expecting, I don`t think. The biggest problem is that this woman here doesn`t have much of a sense of humour; she failed to be amused by me belting upstairs to trampoline on her bed, doing rapid circuits round the garden through the flower beds and clearing the kitchen worktops of anything inadvertently left out (including removing a very large bite out of a freshly-baked cake). I managed that one really stealthily while she was still in the room!

She`s got me this collar that vibrates (remember I'm deaf after having my ear canals removed) so I can`t pretend I don`t know when she wants me. The idea is that it vibrates, I look at her and then I go and get a treat when I`ve done whatever she wants. I`ve decided to play along with that one because the treats are good and, anyway, it gives me something to do and I do so love to keep busy. I can even do it when we`re out on a walk so I get loads more treats than the other dogs – not that they can keep up with me anyway. Even the big Oscar, who thinks he`s in charge, is pretty much toast when I`ve run him round for a bit!  There`s talk of something called school to see if I can behave myself in a room full of dogs – bring it on – I don`t think she`ll be winning that one so easily.

Funny though, in spite of all the bossiness and stern looks, I heard her telling someone the other day that I`m incredibly intelligent, quick to learn and am now behaving perfectly around the house. Apparently, I`m the best fun dog she`s ever had and an adorable little gem who will be a massive gift to the person lucky enough to have me. Maybe she`s gradually coming round.......................

Thanks to everyone at Shak that looked after me and got me this chance - I`m having a ball.  Layla x