Change Lives

Change Lives

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Another In A Desperate State.....

It has been like a whirlwind here of late as dogs have arrived, gone home or moved to other rescues on almost a daily basis it seems. However, the plight of the very latest addition really is a shocker.....
Found as a stray this young female Lurcher obviously had something seriously wrong with her back leg.  So wrong that an original vet assessment was that there was a good chance it was so badly broken that amputation may of been the only option.....

The xray below shows just how bad the break was, and our worst fears seemed to of be realised.  Step forward though the amazing team at Moorview Vets who put aside the fact the dog was a stray and had no owner to settle the bill, and offered to fix her..... 

I think it also a good time to say how supportive and understanding the team at Northumberland County Council Animal Welfare have been. Without their kindness and support she would of been looking at being destroyed due to no owner. They deserve a huge amount of credit for saving her life.

This afternoon she has had surgery and her leg has been plated back together. Excuse my lack of medical knowledge,  but my understanding after talking to the vet was that as the end of the bone had passed each other her muscles have began contracting, that made the operation more difficult but also leads to a huge complication..... it is CRITICAL now that she begins to use the leg as quickly as normal to loosen te muscles,  she will start physiotherapy asap and we will also arrange hydrotherapy. If the muscles don't relax she is in serious danger of losing the leg after all. Nobody wants that.....

So please pray for her tonight,  and if anybody would like to help towards the cost of her operation please PayPal

We have saved her, Moorview Vets have hopefully saved her leg. Her life starts today from a really low point.


  1. What a beautiful dog. Well done to you and everyone else at SHAK for saving her, and a big well done and thanks to Moorview Vets for treating her even though she's a stray - I hope things go well, her leg heals and she makes a full recovery.

  2. I have enjoyed cuddles from this sweet girl for the last 2 days since she came in and she is gorgeous, she has such a sweet nature

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