Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 26 October 2015

More Exciting News..... The Introduction Of SHAK HQ.....

There are some really exciting things going on behind the scenes right now,  such as the launch of SHAK Club that already has nigh on 200 members, the wonderful partnership we have now have in place with Gallery 45 in Felton..... 

But today I'm delighted to announce a MASSIVE development in the progression of the charity with
the launch of SHAK HQ. 

Based in the middle of the town centre in Alnwick, on Greenwell Road, SHAK HQ gives us an incredible opportunity to reconnect with the community as well as taking SHAK to the next level and beyond. 

Consisting of office space,  the first ever SHAK actual retail outlet and most excitingly a venue for talks, demonstrations and seminars,  HQ will not only give us a base  to develop but also an opportunity for our supporters to get involved and help us move forward.

There will be educational sessions,  specialist courses, evenings with special guests and other fundraising activities.  In fact I'm delighted to announce that we have already secured a link with Essentials for Equilibrium and will be offering a wide range of courses and demonstrations on the extensive alternative therapies they practice. 

HQ will also provide us with a new drop off point for your donations as well as providing a place to offer one on one consultations. The possibilities are endless.....

So exciting times indeed. Please keep an on the website and future SHAK Club mail outs for further details of events, or if you'd be interested in holding an event there please get in touch via 

And remember, every penny raised at SHAK HQ goes back in the pot to help us give our dogs the best of life that we can. Thank you again for you support.

Stephen Wylie. 
Founder of SHAK