Change Lives

Change Lives

Saturday, 10 October 2015

We Lose Another Brave Soldier.....

There's more sad news this week as on Thursday we lost a real brave soldier.  Ronnie arrived with us emaciated and in a right mess, as you can see in the photo below. However with Alison and Michael it was love at first sight, and it was an instant bond that was never broken.

The fact I have no other photos of Ronnie other than the day he arrived shows how quickly they snapped him up, and with that move he quickly gained the best life a dog could wish for.  Caravan holidays,  the seaside twice a day, his own spot in the pub afterwards, Ronnie was never away from them, and in Michael he had found his soul mate.

As well as obvious concerns about his health, Ronnie also suffered from serious separation anxiety but Michael and Alison didn't bat an eyelid at that. They simply took him everywhere!  An action I admired greatly and will always be grateful for.

Tuesday saw Ronnie dip. He'd lost even more weight, and was rushed to the vets unable to support himself. Tests confirmed a cancer. That hideous disease had beaten us again. Despite the brilliant attention of Emily and her team at Moorview Vets there was nothing we could do. On Thursday he slipped away in the arms of his Dad.

Ronnie will be missed by everyone. His weekly visits to the kennels whilst his Mam and Dad helped others that hadn't been as fortunate as him will live with us all forever. Love and a big thank you go to Alison and Michael, amazing people who did all they could for an amazing dog.

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