Change Lives

Change Lives

Friday, 2 October 2015

Official Statement & The Launch Of SHAK Club.....

Statement from Stephen Wylie (Founder and Chairman of SHAK.)

"Running a charity like SHAK and the pressures it brings really is incredibly stressful. The dream that I had all those years ago of 'simply helping dogs' has grown beyond even my wildest dreams, but with that growth and reputation for helping the dogs that nobody else will, there also comes the heavy burden of keeping it all running. My day so often now gets bogged down with all the other worries that I guess only people who run their own businesses or other charities really understand.....

The support that firstly I received when I started this, and then the support my team has received as we've moulded SHAK into what you now know, has quite simply been amazing. We couldn't do what we do without your support. Likewise there wouldn't be a SHAK without the hard work, dedication and sacrifices myself and my team have committed too. WE NEED THAT HELP TO CONTINUE.

I think now is a very good time to mention that SHAK does not and never will have a Facebook page, or a page on any other social media website (the Twitter account is dormant.) We have tried in the past but it became to much. We were accessible, and requests to take dogs along with the messages threatening that 'dogs will be destroyed' was simply too much for me or our facilities to cope. However, and this is a very important point, individuals do cross post things on social media from this site, whilst others run fantastic fundraising pages, the value of that exposure and promotion on such sites is vital, I understand that, and really do appreciate the effort put in and the funds these supporters raise! Again our existence would be in doubt without them.

You maybe wondering where all this is going? What is he rambling on about? Quite simply put, SHAK the charity has grown too big for myself, the kennel staff and the existing volunteers, and the fundraising team to keep going at the rate we are. We need help, but we need the right help. Help with the things that we need the most..... More money for us to expand and improve our facilities, more money so we can hire more staff. The demand for us to take dogs is now plural on a daily basis. We simply do not have the spaces, resources or man power to take the charity to the next step that it seems destined to reach. Having become so specialised and building up our reputation nationwide, we need help to continue to grow, and we need the help now.

You will of seen the adverts for volunteers on the 'Opportunities To Join Our Team' page, those positions still need filled. However, I have to emphasise that only people that can meet the criteria will be considered. We also need help with every other aspect of the the work SHAK does, and that is the whole point of this statement.....

Today see's the launch of SHAK Club..... At first it may not seem much, but SHAK Club is my way of communicating with SHAK supporters and letting them know exactly what help is needed and how they can help. Originally starting off as an Emailing list, SHAK Club will keep you up to date with Change Lives appeals, things we are desperate for (whether its at the kennels or medication, specialist food etc for example) new merchandise and gifts, all official fundraising events and so much more. As SHAK is well into its 10th year, I feel it would be really appropriate to connect with our supporters by sharing what we really need and offer. The good and the bad. 

We are all working so hard to keep this running. There are some really exciting plans in place that will hopefully come to fruition in the not too distant future, as myself, the fundraising team and the PR people we now have on board look to really push us forward and establish SHAK as a charity nationwide. I believe we really are at a pivotal point in the charities existence, time to push to the next level, we cannot keep operating within the bottleneck we currently find ourselves.

So..... whats the next step? HOW CAN YOU HELP? Easy..... email to register to be on our emailing list. It is as simple as that, and that way you will be the first to know what is happening, but also what we need the most. That way, hopefully you will be able to help. 

Once again, thank you for your continued support, but also for taking the time to read this statement. SHAK Club is an exciting prospect, be great to have you come along for the ride....."