Change Lives

Change Lives

Thursday, 24 November 2016

A Real Hero Leaves Us Behind.....

I've been holding off telling this amazing boys story because I wanted it to have a happy ending. I should of known better though, and whilst we are sitting here tonight in tears once again, the two weeks Ernie had in my families home has given us so many good memories that will be with us forever, that once the numbness subsides once again we will regard it as a happy ending after all.

Ernie was found as a stray in a horrendous state . Emaciated and his back legs wobbling all over, I knew the minute I saw him he would break our hearts. I also fell in love…..

Nothing seemed to phase Ernie. He loved people, he loved other dogs and I suppose he just generally loved life. You could tell he was loving just having attention, and maybe more so the affection he perhaps had never had before. His wobbling back end was getting worse though.

Ernie ended up home with us. The minute he walked through the door it was as if he'd always been here. He wasn't phased by so many doggy brothers and sisters and just qued for his space in front of the fire like everyone else. That was his favourite spot. In the meantime trips to the vets meant we were trying different medication and dealing with his worm problem that was showing itself as what can only be described as 'worm knots.' Yet still he was happy.

The back end of last week Ernie deteriorated dramatically. He went lame on his back right leg, and was showing clear signs of pain. Vets prescribed a different pain killer to try but it soon became apparent there was something sinister going on.

Last night I made the decision that we all dread but I didn't want to give up on Ernie without giving him the best shot. Today after speaking with the vet we decided that if we wanted answers the only thing we could do was a CT scan. That way if there was anything that could be done for him we would know. I think everyone who was involved this morning knew deep down though.

The CT scan showed a huge tumour in his sacrum bone and his pelvis. The bones themselves had been, in the vets words, obliterated, and there were also signs of tumours potentially on other parts of the spinal column. I had to make the decision to let him go whilst still under anaesthetic.

Ernie must have been in so much pain, yet he had been so brave. It had taken his body to crumble underneath him before he'd given up his fight, such strength I am proud to say he was ours.

Tonight the house feels weird. A big presence is missing and there is a gap in front of the fire. Such a short time in our lives, but he has left a huge hole.

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