Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Farewell Big Buster.....

This weekend has been a real roller coaster emotionally that began with a trip to the vets with a dog that I really didn't think was going to make it, that started early afternoon and rolled on it the night..... he did make it, and there will be more on that story another day.

This morning when I got the message to contact the kennels urgently I feared the worst..... the shock I got was maybes even worse. Melissa and David had walked into find that Buster had passed away peacefully in his sleep. Head on his makeshift pillow like it always had been.

Buster had been with us a long, long time. In fact it felt like he'd been there forever, I think we all just felt he always would be there.....

Having come in as a stray I don't have an exact date of birth, but my maths would put him at about 12 or 13. Quite an achievement for such a big boy. I guess the fact he loved his boomer ball so much had kept him young, and watching such a big lad move so nimbly is something none of us will ever forget.

He instantly won Sarah's heart when she started volunteering and they enjoyed some good trips out. Buster exceeding all expectations on his adventures, behaving impeccably, and leaving her with some wonderful memories.

But everyone loved Buster. He was just that kind of dog. Huge in frame and in heart, and despite a couple of misdemeanours, we all stuck by him. I remember he used to always tip his water bowl over and carry it around his soaking wet kennel with such pride. Much to the annoyance of whoever had just finished cleaning him. Then after trying everything we finally sorted it..... his bowl fitted in an old tyre. Problem solved.

I think we're all going to miss Buster so much. He was a big character and a face you grew to expect to see every day. Not seeing him there in the morning is going to hurt. We, of course, will go on, but life at The Rescue Place will never be the same without him there.

I'd like to say a quick thank you to Melissa and David who completed a days work professionally despite the shock and pain they were feeling. These guys really do care for the dogs, and today was a very difficult one..... they carried on when they needed too.

Run free Buster, go chase that ball. We all miss you.....