Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 11 December 2016

More On Our New Girl.....

I promised you a little more info on our new girl, and said I'd keep you posted all the way with her story.

She's covered in lumps, one particularly worrying one on the side of her nose. Could be nothing more than an absess from a rotten tooth,  bit I have seen bone tumours start like that in the same place....

She is also very weak on the back end and whilst I wouldn't describe her as wobbly, her gait is far from normal. Pull it all together with the weight loss and mammary tumours, needless to say I'm worried.

Though I am pleased to say that she is eating and taking medication given by the council vets for her bad skin.

I have her booked in at our vets in the morning, where her journey begins. At this point I don't know in which direction we will go, but after such a tough few weeks I'm praying it's the right one.....

(Facebook viewers will need to click on the post to see all the photos.)