Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Not Great News.....

It's not the greatest news I'm afraid regarding Ember. I took her to the vets this morning where she once again was incredible.  I can't believe how much love this girl has to give, and even when the nurse left the room to go and get a lead, she 'nosed' open the door and followed her. She just wants to be with you and get close.  I don't know if that's because it's something she's used too or something she's never had.....

On examination Sharon thought she felt a mass in her abdomen, bad enough in itself but also meaning we had to have a change of plan. Instead of the facial x ray it meant instead that Ember was taken to the referrals unit and received a abdominal ultra sound scan to see what was going on.... one thing it did reveal was fluid that shouldn't of been there. A sample was taken and it was a clear liquid rather than blood..... that's about as far as my veterinary knowledge flows. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

The biggest worry the scan showed was that despite being fed at 4pm the previous day, Ember still had a stomach full of food. Having just gone through a tumour of the stomach wall with Donnie, I was immediately worried about another one, but I'm assured hers is ok. This then means there could be a blockage of some sort, whether it's a foreign body or something more sinister at this point we don't know.

As always Moorview have been brilliant considering this is 'just a stray'  and are keeping her in overnight on fluids and under observation.  The plan now is to give the very best chance by giving her a full ct scan,  however before she can have an anaesthetic she needs to empty that stomach!

So that's the latest.  Our brave girl is winning hearts everywhere she goes, but her story just keeps getting more and more complicated.  We really need you all to pray that we can get to the bottom of at least some of it.... so she can get home and give out some of that love she is desperate too.