Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Romance, Friends and Progress.....

Things have been so manic behind the scenes lately, that I feel as if I haven't really introduced you to the latest recruits, or kept you to date with the tittle tattle from the kennels.

The video I posted last week, probably says more than I could possibly put into words. Mona and Brodie now share a kennel during the day as well as playing in the runs. In fact, the play continues even when they are together in the kennel. I'm not sure I've ever seen a transformation in a dog like I've witnessed in Mona, but you know that dog has been so abused in the past that she deserves happy times.

George and Daisy are now an item, but not to be outdone, Gema moved straight in with Daisy's ex, Bouncer. Honestly it is like Coronation Street with all the romances at the minute.

New girl Nina has found a companion straight away, as she now spends time with the old smoothy of the kennels..... Scooby. She is a nice girl who has come from a working background (she is a Malinois) and in all accounts hasn't had the best life, but she loves company, either with people or dogs.

Nina arrived with Gunnar, a Malinois cross Rottweiler who came from the same working background. Gunnar travelled with a bit of a reputation, but has really responded to a little bit of TLC, and seems happier everyday.

The third arrival on Good Friday was Shane the German Shepherd. Shane had missed out on a lot of socialisation when he was young, and because of that he was due to be put to sleep. He also came with a reputation, and was renowned for lunging at people, other dogs and cats. He was clearly reacting this way because of fear, but his behaviour was meant. The two photos above are me Shane and Lola on a walk this afternoon, ten days after he arrived.