Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 5 April 2010

A Big Thank You To Our Fundraisers.....

Just wanted to congratulate Carol, Nicola and Derek and Sandra for a fantastic weekend of fundraising. Despite some horrendous weather (hail, rain and wind) they battled on and between them raised a fantastic £485 over the 3 days!

Thank you for giving up such a big part of your Easter. I think people forget the vital part you all play, but me, Gregg and the girls at the kennels couldn't do what we do without your backing.

Also, thank you to everyone who came to support us at the events, the people who chipped in financially, but also the ones who donated food and toys.

I still remember when I started all of this, and had to raise every penny myself. All of your support means a great deal to me.

Oh and well done to Elaine and Andrea for winning the unofficial "Name The Newbies" competition (although I didn't even know we were having one!) So welcome to SHAK and The Rescue Place, Gunnar and Nina.