Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday 4th April 2010.....

The loss of Gypsey has hit me hard, hence the reason I've been quiet on here. Most of the time when you re home a dog, you tend to never see it again. That wasn't the case with Gypsey, I used to pop in to see her and for a beer. Only three weeks ago she was lying on the floor whilst my daughter tickled her tummy. Before coming to SHAK she had spent a year in kennels, and was classed as food aggressive, cat aggressive, dog aggressive and didn't like children. Just shows how wrong people can be. Gypsey was an angel, one who ended her life so happy. Baby you have left behind a lot of people who loved you, and miss you. I can't believe your gone.....

Life does go on, and in this job you have to just accept how cruel it can be, and focus on helping the next one, or should that be the next three after Friday. Shane (new name) is a German Shepherd who everyone else said should be destroyed, No one looked at the reasons that were causing his problems. He is with us now, and early indications are that he will pull through. He already has made friends with Daisy, a major development for him.

Thank you to Lisa and Diane for undertaking an 18 hour (yes 18!) round trip on a Good Friday to deliver two dogs that are more "than a hand full." I haven't decided on new names yet, but due top training they have had, their names need to be change so they can adapt to their new lives. One is a Malinois bitch, the other is a massive Malinois Rottweiler cross male. They have already made progress from the mental state they arrived in, the bitch especially is making new friends.

Whilst I'm talking about new and recent SHAK dogs, I have some news on Koda (yes apparently Gregg spelt it wrong) the Malamute we saved from destruction last week. He moved to Malamute Rescue on Thursday, and today I received the following:

"Hi Stephen, Gregg
Fantastic news for you both, Koda has found a home already. Marina his foster carer took him to the malamute weight pull event in Leeds this weekend and the lady who helps to organise them fell in love with him. She has had a mal before and knows the breed inside and out.
Thanks to you both he will spend his days in a loving home with lots of new friends to play with at the weight pulls, I will get to see him there too so that is great.
Thanks again to you both, you do an amazing job!!

Speaking of Thank You's, I'd like to thank everyone for yesterdays fund raiser at Jollyes. Thank you to Tim and all the staff of the West Denton store for letting us put the event on, thank you to Carol and Nicola for such a wonderful effort in the rain, thank you to all the people who donated and played the tombola, and thank you to Zeus, Jake, Sonny and Reise (all pictured above, thank you Nicola) for coming to support us.

The fundraising doesn't stop there this weekend, as Derek was open as normal today at Seaton Sluice for a cuppa, and please don't forget that as its a Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow he is open from 7.30 - 5 again. Please just head to the sea front at Seaton Sluice and look for the Black SHAK Flags!

Happy Easter x