Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wednesday 21st April 2010.....

There have been a couple of new friendships developing at The Rescue Place this week, both of which show massive strides forward for the two boys involved. I have a new video to upload, that will hopefully happen before the weekend, and I have moments of both friendships on there.

First up, the big man Gunnar is smitten by our Harlie. Quite simply due to his size, strength and background, we have kept Gunnar separate from the others. Yesterday Harlie was in the run next to him, and he was just absolutely smitten. Well, you'll see for yourself soon.

Carrying from the photo's you saw last week of Lola and Shane, these two now play in the runs again. I think Max is enjoying the peace to sniff without Lola jumping all over him. For Shane, it is just like he is starting life all over again. You have to remember he was in a desperate situation, lunging for people, cats and other dogs. Just shows what a good looking woman can do to a mans heart!

Video will come soon I promise.