Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Brilliant Day In The Rain.....

Well today was a great day, so thank you to everyone who supported both the dog walk and Morpeth Fair. A massive THANK YOU to Carol and Nicola for standing in the rain at Morpeth on the famous SHAK Tombola. I popped along after the dog walk, and it was a brilliant event, so thanks to everyone else who braved the weather to see the girls.

The dog walk this morning was also a brilliant event. Thank you to everyone who turned up in what was really heavy drizzle at 11 o'clock. It was brilliant to see so many dogs of all ages and sizes and breeds walking side by side. Including the little lady pictured above, who struggled but managed to do the entire walk even at the grand old age of 14. Of course, a huge thank you to Derek and Sandra, who without this would of never happened. Derek puts so much work in during the week to get everything ready for a Sunday, and he was rushed of his feet when 30 or so dog walkers all turned up at once. Thanks Long John, we are so honoured to have you as part of the SHAK Team.

We are already planning the SHAK Winter Walk, and also maybes a SHAK Fun Walk on New Years Day (No sponsorship just a get to together and a coffee at Derek's) so please keep an eye out for future dates.