Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

And Now The Good Bit.....

Despite the horrible phone calls there has been some progress made at The Rescue Place over the last couple of days.

Firstly, Daisy has got Loki absolutely smitten. Loki came to us weeks ago from another rescue to see if we could assess him and begin the task of socialising him. He has been a real fun boy to work with and yesterday it was time for him to take the next step and make some doggy friends. Daisy has similar high energy levels, and the attraction was instant. Photo's to follow when I have time to get them on the computer.

One of the proudest moments I have witnessed since opening The Rescue Place came today. I'm sure you all remember the story of Bodie and Doyle, the two scrapyard German Shepherds that arrived with us after not seeing outside the scrapyard for 8 years. They had never seen other dogs, and hence wanted to bite everything that moved that wasn't human. The aggression meant we had to leave a run empty in between the two they were in, and the other dogs. Well, today Doyle went into the run next to our four sociable male stars, Laser, Murphy, Butch and Kane, and he actually went across and said hello. There was plenty of lip licking and sniffing, but best of all was watching Doyle and Butch comparing dribbling skills with their Boomer Balls.

I have to say I was so proud of all 5 of these big boys that had been wrote of by society, and proud that we have given them the opportunity to behave like dogs should.