Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 7 June 2010

Proud Of Some Of The Gang.....

Well, I'm actually proud of every single one of them, but over the last few days 4 in particulair have excelled and jogged my memory as to why I put myself through hell on a daily basis.

First up, CONGRATULATIONS to Tess and her brilliant family on Tess's achievement of the Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen Award! One of the terms of her foster is that she was to attend one of our approved training classes, she has been, and now has this award. We at SHAK are so proud of her going from a dog no one wanted to being "a good citizen" and also very proud of her family for working so much with her.

I mentioned last week that Doyle had made massive progress in making friends after never seeing another dog other than Bodie. Well, today he and Butch ventured out on a short walk together, and I have to say it was beautiful seeing them both together. Doyle was a little curious, but also quite shy, Butch on the other hand is such a sociable guy that he just got on with his walk. The most interesting thing though was watching them trying to play football with each other with a fence inbetween when they got back to the runs.

With the weather improving (although you wouldn't think so today) today was time for Bodie to lose his dreadlocks. It took two of us, but between Ameri and I we managed the first steps towards stripping this big handsome guy of tats that he has probably had for most of his 8 years. Bodie was a perfect gent, and let us snip away. Both him and Doyle are such a pleasure to be around, and today both proved what stars they actually are.