Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Time To Say Goodbye To Zac.....

SHAK lost one of it's old gents this morning as I arrived at The Rescue Place this morning to find Zac collapsed in his kennel. I tried to get him up, and had to carry him to my jeep to take him to the vets, but he passed away in my arms.

We are not sure the cause, possibly a mass in his stomach or even a twisted stomach, and it was decided that the money it would cost for an autopsy would be put towards saving more lives. Nothing is going to bring Zac back.

Zac arrived with us because nobody else would take him. Despite being a handsome old boy, he wasn't Rotti enough or German Shepherd enough for a breed rescue to take him. I was called 2 hours before the pound he was in were going to take him to the vets to be destroyed. Thanks to Peter (you know who you are) he travelled north to us instead.

Zac had the deepest bark you have ever heard. He was a real old fashioned crossbreed in my eyes. Big, black and tan and just loved the simple things in life. Seeing him half heartily running up the fence barking at another old timer, his kennel neighbour Smokey, is something that will always bring a smile to my face. He was young at heart, just his body didn't quite have the same spirit.

Run free at the bridge Zac, I'm sure you'll be cocking your leg on everything you can. I will miss you, as will all of SHAK, but I know Smokey will miss his sparing partner.