Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 7 March 2011

The All New Wilf And Star.....

I get asked a lot about Wilf, and how he is getting on, well here he is with his new best friend Star. As you can see his fur is growing in extremely well, and he is blossoming into the handsome big boy we all knew he would.

Wilf is back staying with me for a little while as Ameri moves house, and as you can see, he has made a real good buddy too.

Some long time followers will remember that Star was another stray we picked up from the same area as Wilf. She was extremely ill and emaciated. I took her home to warm her up and she never left. She spent 8 days at Moorview vets, and dropped down to just 13kg, but she really is as her name suggest..... a true Star.