Change Lives

Change Lives

Friday, 11 March 2011


Today has been one of those days that sees your emotions dip and peak so many times that you really don't know whether you feel happy or sad.

Gregg had to rush Chance to the vets last night as over the last few days his condition had deteriorated. He is having problems with his front right leg, and limping very badly. After a consult and quick checkover last night x rays were planned for today, but we were told to prepare for the worst.

We knew that Chance went into the x ray room knowing that if we were unable to make any improvement in his condition that then maybe we would have to let him go. It was a very worrying and stressfull 5 hours.

The x rays revealed our worst fears, Chance's joints are riddled with arthritis and beyond repair. To make things even worse though the bones in his two back legs were he had the cruciate ligament operations haven't knitted back together yet, so therefore he is in pain with those. Despite the arthritis in his elbows, it is believed that his left shoulder is the cause of the severe limp on that front leg, and action was taken in the form of a steroid injection to see if we can settle that down a little bit.

On vets advice it has been decided to give Chance "a chance" and see if the injection and medication can make any improvement over the next two weeks. Long term the future doesn't look good, and if he deteriorates anymore within these two weeks we will have to make the decision nobody wants to make. Tonight Karen has taken him home to be in the warm, and I will keep you posted on a how he gets on. I'm sorry for what is probably a very poor interpretation of the information past on to me by the vet, but despite trying to take in as much as I could my head was swimming.

Please remember Chance in your prayers, we are trying to do all we can but we are really up against it with this one.

From a Bernese to a Yorkie, Moorview Vets had both ends of the SHAK scale in their care today, as Little Jack went in for his dental. The poor little guy came out with only 5 teeth left, which just goes to show what a state he was in. I met his family straight afterwards, and he has gone home to his Mam tonight to be spoilt.

So I guess we have better news tonight than we were expecting. I really did expect that the little time I spent with Chance this morning was going to be t our last. Little Jack has had the opposite, he has fallen on his feet and after the next couple of days should be feeling a whole lot happier about life.

Thank you to Moorview Vets for taking such good care of both of the boys.

We knew about Jack's treatment, but the severity of Chance's has been a bit of a shock. Although we will do all we can to save him, we are in desperate need of funds to pay his vets bill. If anyone would like to donate:

Please send a cheque (made payable to SHAK) to:

Wildwood Cottage, 3a Stead lane, Bedlington, Northumberland NE22 5LT

Or via the paypal button below (

Or get in touch with Moorview Vets direct and ask to make a donation onto the SHAK account.

Moorview Vets, Station Road, Backworth NE27 0AA - 0191 2566990