Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 21 March 2011

Upsetting News.....

We're all pretty low today, and in that horrible zone where you're just waiting for the inevitable to happen.

Chance has taken a real turn for the worst, and is now clearly in more pain than is fair. This afternoon he started to yelp every time he tried to stand up, that front left shoulder is obviously now unbearable despite his high dosage of medication. I spoke to the vet and an appointment was made for tomorrow morning. I really think it is time to let him go, we cannot do anymore for him.

Ironically its two years today since we had to make a similar decision for another wonderful SHAK boy. Roman suffered badly with CDRM, but he had a fantastic end to his time on earth in a wonderful foster home. Roman, you will never be forgotten, and you showed me that there was hope even for the hopelessly ill. You gave me the strength to give dogs like Chance a chance.