Change Lives

Change Lives

Saturday, 19 March 2011


There is one thing that never ceases to amaze me in this job, and that is how quickly time progresses. Everyday SHAK dogs amaze me and the last week has been no exception. You have to remember that these dogs have been written off and discarded by people, they are a burden to the human race, yet you ask Gregg, Andrea, Andrew, Karen, Jan, Mike, Geoff, Paula, Matty, or Lynne (all of who have been lucky to share this week with the dogs) and they'll agree that it is us that has benefited from being around these rescue dogs.

They give so much back, and ask for so little, no wonder my weeks whizz by.

Of course we couldn't do our work without your support, and thank you to everyone who has donated towards helping us give Chance the best treatment we can. The appeal currently stands at about £350, so thank you so much. However, we still need more, as we fight tooth and nail for him. I do not want to say too much at this stage, but we still face bills for medication or the unmentionable. You can donate via the paypal link on the right hand side, and thank you so much for sparing us even a £1.

Chance is back with us at The Rescue Place, and living not in a kennel but in the cabin where he sees a lot of the SHAK team. In fact yesterday he trotted around with me and helped me dish out the evening feeds. He is a bit up and down, when he's good he's good (even ran yesterday) but when he's down he really does break your heart. Thanks to Karen and Mike for all the hard work they've put in, if we do lose this battle it won't be for giving it our best shot.

Life here is such a rollercoaster, and I'm pleased to say we are working on moving one lucky SHAK dog into a "Forever Foster" home. Second course of sleep overs went well, there was clear emotion from human and dog when he was left at kennels, and I am hopeful that in the very near future we will of served our purpose once more. I'll leave you guessing as to who the lucky boy and Daddy is.

Thank you too, to Joan, Elaine and Nicola who gave up their Saturday raise much needed funds at the MetroCentre. Once again, this charity could not exist without these people, and thank you to everyone who supported them.

On a personal note, I'd just like to remember a German Shepherd who's life was taken from him 3 years ago yesterday. If SHAK had been then what it is now, you'd still be here. I for one will never forget you.