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Change Lives

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Patrick The Pitbull.....

This story is from America. The dog pictured is a Pitbull Terrier. In all the stories and dogs being destroyed in this country because they "look like Pitbull Types" here is the horror that our species has caused one of these dogs. Now tell me who the monster is.

"It's the news that thousands have been anxiously awaiting - the person that starved Patrick to the brink of starvation and subsequently threw his body down a trash chute, has been found.

According to Fox News, Kisha Curtis of Newark, 28, was charged Friday with two counts of abandonment and two counts of failure to provide proper sustenance to the animal.

Curtis is the alleged owner of the emaciated dog that was found by a maintenance worker on March 16 in an apartment complex trash bin.

Patrick was within hours of death at the time that he was discovered - in fact, the photos taken initially look like those of a corpse.

Curtis faces two criminal counts and two civil counts, which could result in up to six months in jail or a $1,000 fine and community service if convicted.

Patrick continues to get stronger with each passing day. The dog has been treated by Garden State Veterinary Specialists and his progress is shared on their Facebook fan page, as well as on his own Facebook page, The Patrick Miracle.

As for Curtis, she claims that she could no longer care for the dog, but denies throwing his body down the trash chute."

PATRICK UPDATE 25/03/2011:

"(From our director at AHS) The emaciated pit bull continues his long road to recovery at the Garden State Veterinary Specialists (GSVS). He was thrown down a garbage chute at a 22 story apartment building -- minutes away from being horribly killed by a tr...ash compactor. Patrick's story has gone all over the world! Phone calls and donations are coming in from Australia, Italy, Greece, France, United Kingdom and more. The outpouring of sympathy has been overwhelming & heartwarming. Although Patrick does not go in his cage, he has just started letting the GSVS staff know when he is ready for his bathroom break. He is very responsive and affectionate. The NJ SPCA is investigating the incident (1-800-582-5979). If you would like to donate to the Res-Q Fund, this is a dedicated fund for animals that come in that require intensive care, specialized veterinary surgery and more. According to GSVS, they may sedate him next week to see what foreign body he has swallowed. Once that physical problem has been solved, they will be increasing his food intake.....and he is quite anxious for that! We are going to give Patrick a brief break over the next day or two. We will monitor the situation and we thank all of you for your generosity and concern. Please feel free to contact us at for any questions. See more
by: Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter.."