Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Buddy's Christmas Miracle?....

I mentioned in a post a couple of  weeks ago a few of the new dogs we'd taken in, and listed their ailments and issues.  In that list I mentioned a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that had suspected neurological problems.  Well, nows the time for you to meet Buddy.....

Buddy was collected by our Out of Hours team and was in a hell of a state. He was very weak to stand, red raw skin,  and despite a horrendously swollen stomach there were clear signs of emaciation. John recognised the dangers of being so swollen amd rushed him to the vet, where upon examination the pressure on his stomach was simply too much and both John and the vet were witness to half digested pizza and kebab meat re-entering this world.

It was clear this wobbly little man had more going on than was immediately obvious,  and after serving 7 days as a stray we took him to our vets for a full neurological examination.  We had treated the skin issue on arrival, but our main concern was his lack of control over his back legs. The tests were inconclusive with out the use of an MRI scan and I'm afraid we simply do not have the £1,500+ needed for the scan itself before any treatment..... But what we didn't need a scan to show was how much of a happy little soul Buddy was.

It was decided that we'd see how he went on anti inflammatory medication and antibiotics and assess at a later date. Medically sorted,  Buddy's life was about to take off.....

Everybody who meets Buddy falls in love with him..... Everybody! But with Melissa it was love at first sight,  and to be honest I don't think David put up much of a fight when she decided to offer him a home. Once there evidence of his back end problems became clear and thanks to some very kind people on line a trial pair of boots and then the funds to buy him his own set were quickly made available to prevent him scuffing and hurting his paws. 

With love and tlc he appears to be getting stronger and walking better. He was well enough to be neutered last week, and now comes to work everyday with his Mam and Dad. I don't know if it's too early for his turn in fortunes to be classed as a Christmas miracle,  but I do know he is one of the most amazing dogs I've ever met.

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