Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Farewell Flossie.....

There was sad news yesterday as SHAK lost one of our old girls, and a dog that certainly had a story to tell. When I picked up Flossie about three years ago as a stray, she hated me.....she did till the day she died, but whatever had happened in her life before SHAK to make her feel that way was all forgotten the minute Sheena turned up after I asked her to help this grumpy old dog!

Sheena and Roger have helped so many lost souls in their time with SHAK, but if ever a dog fitted into such a loving and understanding home it was "wee Flossie."

Floss had been poorly for quite a while, but that fighting spirit I saw from the very first moment my eyes set on her meant she wasn't going to give up life without a fight.... and she certainly did that. Saturday that fight got just too much, and she left behind a legacy of a tough little cookie and a Mam who loved her dearly.

I'm proud of Flossie, despite her wanting to bite me at every opportunity, and I'm proud we gave her 3 years of a life. That couldn't of happened without the wonderful patience and devotion shown by Sheena and Roger, and for that I will always be grateful.

Run free little girl, you showed so much courage and you are going to be missed terribly.

Flossie (far left) doing what she loved most. Sitting in the sun with her two SHAK sisters Hope and Penny.