Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Change Lives Appeal (And Ben) Update.....

The response to the Change Lives £5,000 appeal has been nothing short of astonishing! Thank you all for getting behind us and it!

The on line total currently stands at £1,549 but we also have received donations via cheque and cash of £735 meaning that the grand total so far is a whopping....£2,284 this is such an amazing figure when you consider we only launched the appeal on 9th of December.

You'll remember the little dog on the video last week, destined to be destroyed..... Well here's an update on his story and also showing the benefits of your support.....

Thanks again for all your support in this campaign, and please remember that you, your friends and your family can continue to donate and push us closer to that magical £5,000 figure at the link below: