Change Lives

Change Lives

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

We May Not "Win The Tin" But We Still Need Your Help To Raise £5,000.....

I have been amazed by the support we have received after the disappointing out come of the Win The Tin £5,000 campaign. There have been so many kind messages and words of support that even in times of huge disappointment we have been given the motivation by you to go on.

The money we were hoping to win was to ensure the charities survival throughout the tough months of winter when donations and fundraising suffers due to the weather and the post Christmas blues. Without we face a real battle to go on. However as I have said your support has given us strength and confidence to go on, and using both those virtues a plan has been hatched to make the disappointment fade away.

We have set ourselves a challenge to raise our own £5,000 throughout the winter. Money that will not only save lives, but change them forever.....

This is our biggest Change Lives appeal to date and could be the most important....Please help us by donating.....every penny really does count and is greatly appreciated.

You can find out more and donate by clicking the link below:

Thank you for your support.