Change Lives

Change Lives

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas.....

As the clock ticks nearer and nearer to Christmas day, I find myself reflecting on the turbulent few weeks we've had and a failure today to prevent the death of a dog that was nothing more than a baby.

Doing some last minute shopping this afternoon I got a call from a vet with a 10 month old dog that was in to be destroyed for being aggressive. I was told the owner had just got the dog and it had within the very short time he'd been with them shown horrendous aggression towards men. I don't doubt that, nor do I doubt the decision to end his life prematurely for safety reasons.

I do however wonder how such a young dog got into such a state? I wonder why people sell dogs so close to Christmas and I wonder why people buy them?

We weren't to blame for losing him, we simply have no space anywhere especially for a dog with such needs, and at 2pm on Christmas Eve, where else do you turn?

So on Christmas Eve I try and do all the normal things that Dad's do, but in the back of my mind constantly nagging away is a feeling we've failed one..... That never gets easier.

I'm posting this not to dampen peoples spirits, but to tell people the truth. The reality of rescue..... What me and my team face on a daily basis. Even at Christmas.....