Change Lives

Change Lives

Monday, 26 January 2015

A Day In The Life.....

It's been another manic day and one that typifies the work we do completely.  The day started with Chris the Transporter (and his good lady Karen) collecting 4 Lurchers from us to take to our contact down south. It's always a bitter sweet moment when the dogs move on, but like in the previous post about Kelsey you have to put the dogs first, even if they have won a place in your heart.

Then just after I'd pulled myself together from that and started to try and work on placements for the dogs I mentioned we'd saved last week, I got another phone call for a stray so frightened that nobody could get near him. A quick meeting with my two deputies and the decision was made.....

There will be more on the latest SHAK dog soon, but once again today just shows how quickly a space is taken and how desperate it all is out there.