Change Lives

Change Lives

Sunday, 18 January 2015

We Did All We Could Do.....

Really sad news this morning as I had to make the decision last night to let the Lurcher go. At 22.48 I received a  call from the vet who was very concerned about how unresponsive the dog was. He had stopped fitting due to the medication he had received, and had been lying just paddling his legs with his eyes flickering back and forth. However that had come to a stop too and the described him as "apart from breathing he's not there."

I asked him what he would do if this was a dog that belonged to a family and was much loved..... he said he would let it go.

I guess we'll never know what was wrong with him, blood tests didn't show up any toxic substances.  Maybe he'd been lying in the woods fitting for days before he was found and two much damage had been caused to the brain. All we do know is his central nervous system was shut down and he was in a horrendous state.

I'd like to thank everyone who tried to save him. The people who found him, John who did his very best to get him safe and to Moorview Vets and the Animal Welfare section of Northumberland County Council for being so understanding and putting the dogs welfare above everything else.  We did all we could do.....